February 8, 2023

Juan Kabayan

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3 Fake Employees of DA Arrested for Selling Rice Seeds

3 Men Arrested for Posing as Fake DA Employees and Selling Rice Seeds

Police authorities arrested three men posing as fake employees of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and selling rice seeds.

During a buy-bust operation in Saguday, Quirino, the Quirino Criminal Investigation and Detection Group Provincial Field Unit, or CIDG-PFU, detained three phony or impersonating DA workers. Rubenio Garcia, 44, Salvador Garcia, 32, and Delino Mercado, 52, were the three people detained.

Rubenio and Salvador, according to PMaj Erwin Volibul, Quirino CIDG-PFU Provincial Officer, are neighbors in P-5 Brgy Bugallon Norte, Ramon, Isabela. In P-3 Brgy Rizal, Saguday, Quirino, Mercado resides.

Authorities busted three allegedly false DA employees in a buy-bust operation. In addition to a white L300 car with the registration plate TWD 877, 13 sacks of rice seeds that should not be sold were seized since they were marked “Not for Sale” and freely distributed by the DA.

Its total estimated value, including the suspect’s car, is P275,000. The seeds, according to Volibul in REMATE’s interview, originated from a warehouse in Cauayan where the suspects steal goods that ought to be given away for free to farmers as subsidies, especially to those who were impacted by the typhoon.

It can be recalled that this type of mudos operandi was initially reported as being used in the province of Cagayan, which is also in Region 1. The three suspects are accused of selling DA seed that was labeled “not for sale,” in violation of RA 7394, PD 1612, and Estafa.

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