November 28, 2022

(Eagle News) — The Supreme Court on Tuesday, Nov. 8, said over 9000 candidates are expected to take the 2022 bar exams.

According to the High Court, of the 9,821, 5,947 will be taking the exam for the first time.

Over 3,000–or 3,974—will be taking the exam for the second time.

Some 253 applicants withdrew their petitions.

The SC earlier reminded bar exam takers to install the right test software version to ensure “uninterrupted exam-taking.”

The 2022 bar exams are slated on November 9, November 13, November 16, and November 20.

Earlier, the SC said those who would be unable to take the exams due to “Paeng” could ask for a refund.

The Manila government has also announced temporary road closures in the city for the bar exams.