January 29, 2023

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Arresting Police Beaten by Suspects While Serving Arrest Warrant

Police Beaten While Serving Warrant Arrest and Arresting Attempt Against Suspects

Police was beaten by the suspect he was supposed to arrest while serving an arrest warrant and arresting attempted in Caloocan City.

Six of the individuals were arrested from the home along with a man who was wanted in connection with the estafa case. They allegedly attacked a police officer who was executing a warrant against a wanted individual in Caloocan City.

Oliver Cordova, age 41, Ouvrie Steff Cordova, age 22, Mary Ann Cordova, age 43, Omar Cordova, age 20, Kenchi Milano, age 21, Vergilio Cordova, age 62, and a 17-year-old toy were all detained. They were all residents of Barangay 90 in Caloocan City.

Oliver Cordova’s estafa warrants were served by the police at his residence. On July 22, 2022, Judge Benelita Jocson Mones-Borromeo of the Caloocan City Metropolitan Trial Court (MTC) Branch 84 issued the estafa warrant against the suspect.

Judges Gloria Duclayan Santos Jr. and Maria Lorenza Barias-Siosana of Caloocan City MTC Branch 51 and 49 issued the warrants for additional frauds on August 23 and September 23, respectively.

It was discovered that Oliver’s housemates assaulted Corporal Ramil Johnson Francisco after Oliver was taken into custody, based on the report. All of them were taken into custody after Francisco was hurt.

Before being jailed, Oliver and the other five suspects were escorted to the Caloocan City Medical Center for evaluation. The youngster was taken to the Department of Social Welfare Development, and they will all be charged with obstruction of justice and direct assault.

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