January 29, 2023

Juan Kabayan

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Boodle Fight Participants Take Out Food During Bacolod’s Lechon Festival “Balot Feast”

Boodle Fight Participants Earn Criticisms Online for Taking Out Food During Bacolod’s Lechon Festival

BOODLE FEAST – The boodle fight participants in Bacolod’s Lechon Festival earn criticisms online after taking out food during the event.

Kamayan or also known as kinamot or kinamut in Visayan languages, is the traditional Filipino way of eating with your hands. It is also used to describe a Filipino communal feast, in which food is served on banana leaves and eaten with no utensils.

Boodle fight is another term for kamayan, which refers to the military custom of sharing a meal together. “Eating with the hands” is the meaning of both “kamayan” and “kinamot”

Recently, the Facebook page “Digicast Negros” has shared video footage of boodle feast during the Lechon Festival in Barangay Cabug, Bacolod City. The video goes viral and garnered various reactions from internet users.

In the video, the participants patiently waited for the feast to begin and happily enjoyed the meal after the emcee announced the official start of Lechon Festival. Everything seemed to be fine until some participants didn’t respect the tradition.

Several participants grabbed every food they can without considering other people who were not able to get food. Some of them even brought containers and carried it away to enjoy the food at home.

The disrespectful participants violated the festival tradition, in which food is supposed to eat together within the venue. Some participants expressed their disappointment and did not enjoy the event because most lechon have been taken out.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Boodle Fight

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