February 6, 2023

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Dennis Padilla Pens Messages For Julia, Leon, Dani, and Claudia

These are the messages of Dennis Padilla to his children with Marjorie Barretto.

DENNIS PADILLA – Comedian Dennis Padilla shares to social media his messages for his estranged children.

In the past months, actor Dennis Padilla faced some issues with his children with Marjorie Barretto. His children with the female TV personality are Julia Barretto, Leon Barretto, and Claudia Barretto.

It all started when they “forgot” to greet him on Father’s Day and he took to social media his bad feelings about the treatment he received from his kids. In a previous article, he expressed that he also wishes to reconcile with his children despite their difference and issues in the past.

It pained him to leave them when he and Marjorie separated but it was even more painful when the communication between them was cut.

And just recently, on Christmas Day, he took his thoughts to social media once again but this time, to greet them on this special day.

Here are his messages for each of them:

For Julia: Dear juy… Merry Christmas! God bless you more.. Love you 🙏♥️🎅

For Claudia: Dear claui… Merry Christmas anak… Praying for more blessings… Love you 🙏♥️🎅

For Leon: Dear Leon Marcux… Merry Christmas anak… Miss you!!! God bless 🙏♥️🎅

For Dani: Dear dani… Merry Christmas anak… Praying for more blessings… Hope to meet millie soon… Love you anak 🙏♥️🎅🌲

He individually posted photos with Julia, Claudia, and Leon including Dani, who he treated as his own daughter. He greeted each of them with a Merry Christmas as he also expressed how much he loves and misses them.

To recall, last September, he also aired his grievance against Julia who said in an interview that she is not yet ready to forgive her father for “so much pain over the years.”


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