January 31, 2023

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Gladys Reyes Shows Off Non-stop Hula Hoop Dance Medley

Gladys Reyes Goes Viral Over Her Non-stop Hula Hoop Dance Medley

Veteran actress Gladys Reyes amazed her supporters and other netizens with her non-stop hula hoop dance on Facebook.

One of the top “kontrabida” in the entertainment world recently demonstrated her hula-hooping abilities. Many internet users were amazed by the Gladys Reyes hula hoop dance video that circulated on social media.

The fact that it’s not just dancing but a TikTok medley, which explains why the song is different and the steps are different, astounded online users. Approximately three minutes of the video feature Gladys directly hula hooping.

Gladys keeps going until the TikTok medley is finished. It gives moms like her motivation, and she also inspires them to hula hoop, which is regarded as an efficient kind of exercise that makes you sweat.

“Non-stop dance hula hoop medley! Let’s go mommies!” Gladys captioned her post.

The actress recently gave some online users some advice on how to build enduring relationships. It may be claimed that Gladys and Christopher’s love story is very inspirational because despite showbiz couples divorcing, they persevere through their marital difficulties. They are grateful that they are still very busy right now with their individual businesses, especially as 2022 approaches its peak.

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