December 2, 2022

SEN. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go on Wednesday said that the Philippines should intensify its Covid-19 vaccination efforts, considering the rate of its administration of booster shots remains among the lowest in Southeast Asia.

“Given the continuing threats of fast evolving variants of the virus, the vaccine remains our only tool to fully overcome this pandemic,” said Go in a statement.

The chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Demography made the statement after President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. approved the optional wearing of masks indoors.

Department of Health data said that as of October 23, only 3,310,032 Filipinos, or 4.24 percent of the target population, have received their second booster dose, while 20,472,983, or 26.21 percent of the target population, have received their first booster dose.

“All of us want to go back to our normal lives. However, even if we make the wearing of face masks voluntary, still, we cannot be overconfident,” said Go, adding discipline and cooperation will hasten the country’s return to normalcy.

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