January 31, 2023

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“Iba yung nag Struggle sa Naghirap”

Toni Fowler Reacts on Donnalyn’s Intriguing Post About Her Working Experience

Social media influencer and vlogger Toni Fowler expresses her reactions to Donnalyn’s intriguing post about work.

Donnalyn Bartolome, a well-known female YouTuber, recently faced hostility from the internet community following a post about going to work and her work experiences. The vlogger has over 16 million Facebook fans and 9.5 million YouTube subscribers.

In her divisive post, she wonders why many employees are depressed when they return to work after the holidays. She screamed that they should be joyful since they have another opportunity to better their lives and the lives of their family.

Netizens called her “inconsiderate,” “insensitive,” and a proponent of “toxic optimism” un response to her statement. Toni Fowler is among many who have recently responded to her message, which has caused quite a stir online.

Mommy Oni gives her thoughts on Donnalyn’s purported hardships on her Facebook page. She underlined that the female vlogger did not know the difference between “nag-struggle” and “nag-hirap”.

“YUNG NAGLABAS KA PA NG PICTURE JUST TO JUSTIFY NA NAHIRAPAN KA TALAGA  pero maayos yung kumot, may delata, may pang jeep, may camera at naka kulot sa trabaho,” she wrote in her post.

“Di alam neto kung ano ang totoong PAGHIHIRAP kaya nag react mga tao. IBA YUNG NAG STRUGGLE SA NAGHIRAP MASYADONG PATUNAY PARA LANG MAKA CONNECT SA MASA. Pass ako dyan boss HAHAHAHA! ” she added.

Her post has sparked a lot of discussion in the internet community. Several netizens, particularly her admirers, also expressed their feelings regarding her message and Donnalyn.

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