January 31, 2023

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Julius Babao Shares Message of Andrew Schimmer Before Jorhomy Died

Julius Babao Shared Plans of Andrew Schimmer for Partner Jorhomy Before She Passed Away

Actor Andrew Schimmer was allegedly planning to marry his partner Jorhomy Rovero before she passed away, Julius Babao revealed.

Rovero was hospitalized for nearly a year after suffering from severe asthma, which caused cardiac arrest and hypoxia. Since November 2021, she has been confined at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, and has never left the medical facility.

She was able to go home in October, but she had to return to the hospital a week later to regulate her heart rate. The actor took to social media to appeal for assistance and to keep fans up to date on his wife’s condition. Unfortunately, everything went wrong. Jho gave up on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, veteran journalist Julius Babao disclosed the last communication he received from the actor before his death. In a social media post, Babao revealed a message he received from Schimmer, inviting him and his wife Christine Bersola-Babao to be witnesses to a unique occasion involving the actor and his wife, who was comatose at the time.

“Kuya Julius, ok lang po ba kunin ko po kayong witness and ninong at ninang ni Ate Tin? I will not wait for the right time to come… it is always the right time to express love anyways,” Schimmer wrote in his message to the journalist.

The note also included a ring that the pair was meant to wear during the wedding. Rovero was observed wearing the aforementioned ring after she died. Babao also expressed his sadness over what happened to Rovero.

“We offer our condolences to Andrew Schimmer and his children and the Rovero family on Jorhomy’s passing. Andrew went through a lot of trials to ensure that his wife would live, but it was still denied to him when Christmas was approaching. I can’t explain the pain he feels. All I know is that Andrew is a good example of a husband, a brave being who will not give up on any challenge in life,” Babao said.

“A week ago, Andrew talked to me to stand as godfather and godmother to @christinebbabao and Jorhomy’s wedding. I’m sad that it didn’t happen anymore. However, we still accept to be the godfather of their heavenly love even if it didn’t end up in the church. What is important in the eyes of God and man, is pure love between the two of them. A love story that will be talked about for ages,” he added in his post.

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