January 31, 2023

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McCoy de Leon Pens Emotional Message for Daughter Felize amid Breakup Rumors

Did McCoy de Leon & Elisse Joson Break Up?

MCCOY DE LEON – The actor penned an emotional message for his daughter, Felize, amid the rumors that he and Elisse Joson have broken up.

Currently, countless McLisse fans and supporters are saddened and shocked by the rumors that Kapamilya artists McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson have gone separate ways again. The two (2) celebrities are loveteam partners who met inside the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house and whose relationship leveled up to becoming real-life lovers and, eventually, parents to their beautiful daughter, Felize.

McCoy and Elisse have previously broken up before their daughter was born. According to the actress, she and the actor have gone separate ways for a year before they reconciled and shared the joy of being a little family.

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The second chance for the love story of McCoy and Elisse delighted a lot of people most especially the McLisse fans and supporters. However, now, many people are wondering whether the two (2) celebrities are still officially together or have chosen to go different paths again.

The rumors that McCoy and Elisse have broken up were fueled when a photo of the actor with a non-showbiz girl crossed the surface. The girl who is currently accused as the third party in the alleged breakup of McLisse was identified in reports as Mary Joy Santiago.

Amid the rumors that McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson have broken up, the Kapamilya actor and former PBB housemate took to social media an emotional message for his daughter, Felize.

In his Instagram post, McCoy stressed his desire to talk to Felize when she is an adult about what happened. He apologized to his daughter for not being able to take things. He tagged his daughter as the one who knows, understands him, whom he can rely to, and his everything.

McCoy told his daughter not to give her mommy Elisse headaches. He expressed his longing to see his daughter and apologized for writing his message on social media saying he does not anymore know how to talk to her. Here’s his Instagram post:

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