January 31, 2023

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Mommy Divine Orders Subdivision Guards Not To Allow Sarah, Matteo To Enter?

Mommy Divine apparently still does not want to reconcile with her daughter

Mommy Divine Geronimo allegedly ordered the security guards in their subdivision not to allow celebrity couple Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli to enter.

It is known to many showbiz fans that Sarah is very close to her parents. Before getting married to Matteo, her mother would always accompany her in her showbiz engagements.

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Divine is also known for being a strict mother to Sarah, especially when it comes to her love life. Apparently, Sarah’s mother was not in favor of her marriage to Matteo as reports surfaced that a commotion happened during the intimate wedding ceremony.

It was reported that Mommy Divine tried to hinder the wedding to happen. In recent statements, Sarah Geronimo appeared to be hinting at her desire to bridge the gap between her and her parents.

However, in a recent Showbiz Now Na episode, the YouTube show of Cristy Fermin with Romel Chika and Wendell Alvarez, the veteran showbiz writer mentioned that Divine is still refusing to accept any effort from Sarah and Matteo who are apparently trying to reach out.

📷: @ashmattofficial IG

Cristy said that people close to the celebrity couple shared that in several instances already, Sarah and Matteo would send food to Mommy Divine. “Totoo pala yun, sa gate pa lang barado na kaagad tapos di na makatutuloy,” the showbiz writer said. Wendell asked, “doon sa guard?”

Cristy answered yes and added that there was already a prior instruction that anything and anyone coming from the camp of Sarah and Matteo will not be allowed to enter. “At hindi rin pwedeng iwanan ang pagkain o anomang gustong paiwan para sa pamilya,” the writer said. She also said that this saddens her.

Romel Chika added that this story has become so tiring because it has been more than three years already but Mommy Divine is not yet granting her forgiveness.

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