February 6, 2023

Juan Kabayan

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NTC releases IRR of SIM card registration law

THE National Telecommunication Commission has released the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the SIM Card Registration law which is expected to be implemented on December 27, 2022.

Under the IRR, telco subscribers who will not comply with the rules will have their SIM cards deactivated.

The operators or public telecommunications entities (PTE) who do not register a subscriber’s SIM card may be fined up to P1 million.

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Subscribers need only to submit any valid government-issued ID with their photo to register their SIM. Subscribers are given 180 days from the effectivity of the law to register their SIM cards.

Registration will be done electronically using a secure platform or website provided by the telcos.

Individuals will be asked to provide their full name, birth date, sex, official address, type of ID presented and ID number.

On the other hand, businesses are required to provide their business name, address and the full name of the authorized signatory.

Meanwhile, foreign nationals who will register their SIM cards are required to present their passport and address in the Philippines.

Subscribers who give false or fake names can be imprisoned for up to 2 years and fined up to P300,000.

The law requires that all SIM cards including eSims be registered.

The law also covers wireless broadband modems, machine-to-machine communications and IoT (internet of things) devices.