January 31, 2023

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Randy Santiago Makes Revelations about Brother Raymart’s Relationship w/ Jodi Sta. Maria

Randy Santiago Says He Knew Jodi Sta. Maria First Compared w/ Raymart

RANDY SANTIAGO – The actor spoke about the relationship of his younger brother, fellow actor Raymart Santiago, and actress Jodi Sta. Maria.

The Santiagos are among the showbiz celebrity families in the Philippines. Brothers Rowell, Raymart, and Randy are all actors while their other brother, Reily or “Junjun”, is an ABS-CBN TV Executive.

Being in the industry for decades now, a part of the life of Raymart is not a secret to the public. He married Claudine Barretto in 2006 but they separated. They adopted Sabina Santiago and they have a biological son, Santino Santiago. The actress adopted two (2) more kids, Quia and Noah, after their separation.

A few years ago, many of the fans and supporters of Raymart Santiago were delighted when speculations that he is in a relationship with actress Jodi Sta. Maria crossed the surface. It was followed by several instances of the celebrity couple being spotted together.

Photo Credit: Journal News Online

Recently, in an interview with Pep, Randy Santiago was asked about the relationship of his younger brother, Raymart, and Jodi Sta. Maria. According to the actor, he is happy for the couple “as long as they are happy”.

When asked if he is “Team Claudine or Team Jodi”, the actor refused to answer saying that he is friends with both actresses who were involved to his younger brother. According to him, Raymart has already introduced Jodi to them as his girlfriend and he already knows the actress even before she and his younger brother met.

“Kilala ko si Jodi hindi pa kilala ni Raymart,” he said.

Photo Credit: Biography Profiles

During the interview, Randy Santiago was asked if he is in favor of Jodi Sta. Maria for his brother Raymart. He answered that there is no problem about it and jested that there is no election.

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